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Great American Beer Festival Medals
2016: Very Small Brewing Company of the Year & Very Small Brewer of the Year
Gold-American Light Lager, Silver-Dry Hopped Saison & Saison.
2018: Silver-Dry Hopped Saison


Brown Truck Brewery is a nationally recognized award-winning brewery dedicated to unlocking big flavor, quality, and freshness from the first grain to the last gulp. This is beer for all walks of life.

Brown Truck Brewery

Brown Truck Brewery

What's On Tap
GABF medal Lager.jpg

No. 10

American Light Lager

Crisp, light, and crushable. No. 10 is more than your average lawnmower beer. Precisely crafted and cold-lagered, this refreshing and clean American-style lager is perfect for smooth cruising or relaxing on the beach. It is our highest-volume seller at our taproom in High Point. Approachable for craft beer novices, but respectable by even the most pretentious beer dorks.​

3.6% ABV
2016 GABF Gold Medal Winner

2020 NC Brewers Cup Gold

2019 NC Brewers Cup Gold

2017 NC Brewers Cup Gold

On tap & in 12oz 6pks to go

No 14 w medals_edited.jpg

No. 14


No. 14 is our flagship West Coast-Style IPA. We brew this hop-forward IPA with Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops from the Pacific Northwest to saturate this brew with bright dry pine, grapefruit, and tangerine flavors. A touch of malt base sweetness provides an excellent balance to the dry and hoppy finish.
6.7% ABV

2022 NC Brewers Cup Bronze

2021 NC Brewers Cup Silver

On tap

Joint Hoperation Snifter.jpg

Joint HOPeration

(Mead + Lager Blend)

Rolling out for 420, a very special union of HIGH Point Buds: Joint HOPerataion!

This Braggot-style blend is a collaboration between Brown Truck Brewery, Nomad Wine Works, and Paddled South Brewing. We blended Brown Truck's Kush Lite Dry-Hopped Terpene-Infused lager with Nomad's Neon Wave Pineapple Mead.

The result is a tasty hybrid strain of sweet honey, tropical fruit, dank terpenes, and aromatic hops. Dank up front, sweet and tropical, then dry on the finish. Stop by Brown Truck, Nomad, or Paddled South to try this limited release collab before it goes up in smoke!

5.5% ABV

Draft Only

No Growler fills, excluded from draft specials

Fruition in Glass.heic

Barrel-Aged Sour Ale

Fruition pours a dark golden hue with a lingering porcelain foam. Fruity and funky Lambic-style aromas on the nose set the stage for a medium-bodied mouthfeel and an effervescent carbonation. The beer unveils itself slowly through layers of flavor including honey, pear, hay, and farmhouse funk. Rickety Bridge's Pinotage barrels introduce notes of red wine tannins, vanilla, and a dry woody spice. Fruition finishes dry with balanced acidity and lingering fruitiness. 
9.4% ABV

2023 US Open Gold Medal Winner

2023 NC Brewers' Cup Bronze

500ml bottles to go

What's On Tap

no 85 imperial mexican stout.jpg

No. 85

Imperial Mexican Stout

Numero 85 "Ocho Cinco" is Brown Truck's Imperial Mexican Stout. Brewed in collaboration with two Eigen Chocolate and Bush Hill Coffee Co.

From Eigen Chocolate, we incorporated eight pounds of locally-roasted Colombia Gigante Huila and two pounds of Dominican Republic Zorzal Reserve cacao. From Bush Hill Coffee Co, we used five pounds of locally-roasted Mexico Chiapas Finca La Chilana coffee.

No. 85 was also aged on vanilla, cinnamon, and our brewers' select blend of spicy peppers.

The result is a complex stout with multifaceted spice components. Nutty coffee and dark chocolate in the aroma. Deep mocha and subtle creaminess in the mouthfeel with a warming spice finish. No. 85 is a great beer for cold winter nights.

8.5% ABV

Draft Only

Rum Trip Pour.png

Rum Barrel-Aged
No. 30

Belgian Tripel Ale

Ahoy, Mateys!
XXX marks the spot for our Rum Barrel-Aged No. 30 Belgian Tripel Ale! This triple-strength strong golden ale is not for ye land-lovers.

Back in 2016 we aged a portion of our No. 30 Belgian Tripel in a rum barrel. In early 2018, we put a limited amount on tap, but made sure to stash some deep in our secret hideout. In 2024, we're plundering our cellar to dig out this buried treasure.

Fruity and sweet with subtle vanilla and spice notes. Subdued Belgian banana and clove intertwine with caramel and sugar cane. Dangerously smooth, so be careful to not lose your sea legs! 

13% ABV

Draft Only

No Growler Fills

Excluded from draft specials

kush light outside.jpg

Kush Light

Dry-Hopped Lager w/ Terpenes

Kush Light is a fresh green edition of our No. 10 American Light Lager. We infused our flagship lager with King Louis XIII and Pineapple Express Terpenes and Dry-Hopped it with Amarillo Cryo hops to make it extra sticky.

This lager is crisp, light, dank, and incredibly aromatic. Brewed for Brown Truck's 420Fest in 2024.

3.6% ABV

Draft Only

Dunkel Outside.jpg

What's a little DUNKEL between friends?

Munich-style Dark Lager

Brewed in collaboration with SideTracked Brewery from Morganton, NC, What's a Little DUNKEL Between Friends is a small-batch Munich-style Dunkel Lager. Our brewers incorporated a complex grain bill of eleven different malts, fermented with Brown Truck's house Lager yeast, and cold-aged this beer until extra crispy.

Bready, caramel, nutty, and subtly chocolately malt flavors set the base for a subtle herbal Noble Hop finish. Light-bodied despite the darker color, but still full-flavored and rich. This German dark lager is an excellent cold-weather daily drinker to pair with smoked meats, toasted breads, and long-lasting friendships! 

5.5% ABV

Draft Only

PES 2 Outside.jpg

Peach Eat'n SZN

IPA w/ Peach & Mango

Peach-Eat’n Szn is a small-batch Hazy IPA crammed full of fruit! We infused a modified batch of our No. 14 IPA with giant heaps of peach, mango, and apricot to create this fresh sipper. A ripe peach cobbler aroma followed by hints of apricot, pine, and orange citrus provide a layered hop profile to give just enough bitterness to balance the big fruit sweetness. Tropical and tangy, we think you'll love this fun seasonal IPA!

7% ABV

Draft Only 

BB outside edit 1.jpg

Blueberry Crumble

Pastry Dark Ale

Blueberry Crumble was brewed with dark grain & specialty malts to give this dark ale a light body and chocolatey notes. Big infusions of blueberries & cinnamon to add sweet berry and spice. Partially nitrogenated for smooth carbonation and a sleek mouthfeel. Dangerously drinkable, even at 7.7% ABV. Our Blueberry Crumble is equally delicious for breakfast or dessert! 

7.7% ABV

Draft Only

No. 110 Can.jpg

No. 110

American Amber Lager

No. 110 is Brown Truck's American Amber Lager. Supremely balanced between light caramel and toasty malt with a crisp, clean, and dry finish. Low bitterness and a light body make this lager very easy drinking despite the darker color. Sessionable at only 4.2% ABV, but packed full of flavor. Pairs well with burgers, BBQ, and tailgating.

On tap & in 12oz 6pks to go


This Week's Schedule

Monday, 4/22

Hours: 4pm - 10pm

Special: Fridge Off ($1-of Drink-Here bottles & cans)

Special: Monday MUGday ($8 liter low-gravity pours)

Tuesday 4/23

Hours: 4pm-11pm
Special: Pint Night ($3 / $5 Drafts)
Event: Bad-Ass Run Club Meets at 6pm

Food: The Southern Noodle

Wednesday 4/24
Hours: 4pm-10pm

Special: $6 Wine by the Glass
Food: Da Jollof Spot

Thursday 4/25

Hours: 4pm-10pm

Food: Smoke City Cooking

Event: Trivia Truck @ 7pm

Event: Piedmont Fresh Pickup
(place orders Sat - Mon)

Friday 4/26

Hours: 12pm-11pm

Food: Just Mac 'n Cheese

Saturday 4/27:

Hours: 12pm -11pm

Food: Fireball Wood-Fired Pizza

Music: Zac Pierce @ 7

Sunday 4/28

Hours: 12pm - 8pm

Special: Sample Sunday! $10 Flights

Food: La Callejera


Upcoming Events


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