Great American Beer Festival Medals
2016-Very Small Brewing Company of the Year, Very Small Brewer of the Year
Gold-American Light Lager, Silver-Dry Hopped Saison and Saison.
2018-Silver-Dry Hopped Saison


Brown Truck Brewery is a nationally recognized award-winning brewery dedicated to unlocking big flavor, quality, and freshness from the first grain to the last gulp. This is beer for all walks of life.

Brown Truck Brewery

Brown Truck Brewery


No. 10

American Light Lager

3.6% ABV
2016 GABF Gold Medal Winner


No. 14

West Coast IPA

American style India Pale Ale, very hop forward with notes of tangerine, floral, tropical tones, and citrus.It is medium bodied and has a balanced bitter finish.

ABV: 6.7% // IBU: 92 // SRM: 4


Peach-Eat'n Szn

Peach IPA

Saturdays in the early summer meant stopping by the Bush-n-Vine after the ballgame for a basket of fresh peaches. The clingstone varietals always come out first, but they’re not the best for canning or freezing. Juicy and ripe and slightly tart, you gotta eat these right away--it's peach-eat’n season!

Peach-Eat’n Szn is our small-batch Peach IPA. We infused our classic #14 IPA with peach purée and an extra generous helping of hops to create this fresh summertime sipper. A ripe peach cobbler aroma followed by hints of apricot, pine, and orange citrus provide a layered hop profile to give just enough bitterness to balance the peach sweetness.
6.7% ABV

Rat Rod_edited.jpg

Rat Rod Pale

West Coast Pale Ale

When beer became scarce, skilled craftsmen found the stock car models insufficient for their transportation needs. Enter the Rat Rods, custom-built hot rods with reclaimed and hand-crafted parts. Born out of a fusion of creativity and scarcity, Rat Rods are unique reflections of artistry and ingenuity. 


Rat Rod is our newest pale ale amalgamation–a hoppy West-Coast style American Pale Ale brewed with a large complement of Pacific Northwest hops. Cascade, Columbus, and Comet added on the hot side plus a hearty heaping of dry hopped Simcoe. Light, crisp, and dry malt base with notes of dried orange peel, pine needles, and dank resin. Low gravity, but a pleasantly aggressive bitterness on the finish. Let’s rev it up!

5.6% ABV

What's On Tap

MM Mug Cropped.jpg

Morning Mantra

Coconut  Schwarzbier

Cool tropical rain rolled over the tin roof as I took a sip from a well-worn tin mug. The shower's hypnotizing undulation faded to the background as I closed my eyes and let the flavors wash over me. The day can wait until after I've had my coffee.  

Morning Mantra is our new schwarzbier, a tropical meditation on South Indian filter coffee. We brewed this dark lager with Indian coconut and Narasau's Udhayam coffee/chicory blend to create our take on a sweet, roasty, and smooth cup of kaapi. Toasted coconut up front with a dry woody finish. Find your bliss. 

4.2% ABV

4x4 in glass.jpeg


NE-style IPA

My bud Nelson has a secret spot by the cove. Soft golden sand, smooth currents, tropical breezes, and fish that are always biting. It isn't on the map, so to get there, you'll need a 4x4.

4x4 is our new NE-Style IPA. Brewed with four different hops and four different grains, 4x4 presents waves of tropical, stone fruit, and pine surfing on a soft and pillowy mouthfeel. Go off the grid.
7.5% ABV


Saison with Medal.JPG

No. 4


“Cocorico!” Thierry the rooster cried, as golden rays of sunlight emerged through the barn windows. Aromas of hay and spice filled the air as the morning dew rose over gently rolling hills of grain. In the kitchen, Grand-père Jacques took fresh baguettes out of the stone oven and liberally applied his judiciously-aged Brie. Sometimes the old ways are best. 


No. 4 is our GABF Silver Medal-winning house Saison. To create this French take on a farmhouse ale, we brewed No. 4 with a blend of eight different herbs and spices to produce a complex indulgence of peppery, earthy, and floral notes. We utilized a complex grain bill to produce a light bodied-base with a touch of golden sweetness and an active yeast to produce an effervescent and lively carbonation. We hope you’ll like our Saison; we sure do.

6.5% ABV

Grape Matter.JPG

Grape Matter

Imperial Grape Gose

There was no better way to cool off after a swim in grandpa’s pool on a hot summer day than an ice-cold popsicle. Mom would say to go slow on the popsicle, but I would never listen and give myself a brain freeze every time. I had so many, it probably turned my gray matter purple.


Grape Matter is our latest installment in Brown Truck’s rotating sour ale series. The big brains in the brewhouse built this Imperial Grape Gose with a little extra umph in the malt bill before drenching it with thirty pounds of Summer Royal grape purée. A portion of hefeweizen yeast adds cloudiness to maintain a stunning purple haze and Galaxy hops for an extra dash of tropical flair. We taste grape popsicles, purple airheads, and summer afternoons. The brain freeze is worth it.

6.5% ABV


No. 19

Belgian Witbier

Sometimes we would beat the summer heat in the Triad by heading up to the mountains. There’s a great local tulip garden not too far off the Cullasaja river. Can’t beat a stroll through the tulips with a view of the Blue Ridge in the distance. All they need is a windmill.


Number 19 is our take on the Belgian-style Witbier. We put an American spin on this Belgian ale by adding citra hops in the whirlpool to provide an extra touch of refreshing citrus to complement the orange peel. A soft and round mouthfeel gives way to a subtle Belgian spice finish. Our Wit is a relaxing floral vacation for the hot days of summer.

4.2% ABV

Malt Market IPA glass.jpg

Malt Market

Amber Ale

"Measure twice, cut once," Dad said as he brushed the sawdust off a large plank of Eastern Redcedar. He removed the pencil from behind his ear and made a small mark. "Build it right and it'll last a lifetime."  

Malt Market is our new American Amber Ale, brewed in tribute to the fine craftspeople in High Point's furnature industry. Malty and caramelly with a lightly toasty finish, Malt Market is crafted for comfort.
5.2% ABV



NE-Session IPA

There’s an old sandy backroad near Manteo that passes by the dunes. It’s a great shaded drive to keep you from baking in the sun. You gotta go slow, but life is about the journey, not the destination. Take the scenic route. 

4x2 is our sessionable counterpart to 4x4. 4x2 combines the four-hop punch of Nelson, Mosaic, Loral, and Comet to create notes of melon, lemon, and stonefruit with a lighter grain base for a medium-bodied haze. A light and bubbly carbonation along with a moderate hop resin bitterness on the finish make this lower gravity hazy IPA a sessionable summer sipper.

5.8% ABV


This Week's Schedule

Monday 8/8
Hours: 4pm-9pm
Special: Mix 'n Munch Snack

Tuesday 8/9

Hours: 4pm-10pm
Special: Pint Night ($3 / $5 Drafts)

Event: Bike Club - Meets at 5:30pm
Event: Bad Ass Run Club-Meets at 6pm

Food: MO'Empanadas

Wednesday 810
Hours: 4pm-10pm
Special: Half-Off Wine by the Glass

Food: Mike's Vegan Cookout (12pm-8)

& Kackalac Chills

Thursday 8/11

Hours: 4pm-10pm

Event: Trivia Truck @ 7:30 w/ Luke

Food: La Sinaloense Birrieria

Friday 812

Hours: 4pm-11pm

Food: Smokiin' Mac

Music: Shane Key (7pm)

Saturday 8/13
Hours: 12pm-11pm

Food: WEPA Pa Que Lo Sepa (12-9)
Music: David McLaughlin (7pm)

Sunday 8/14
Hours: 12pm-7pm

Special: Seltzy Sundays ($4 Seltzers)


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