Fruition Sour Ale

Four years ago, we took our award winning No. 4 Saison and put them in Rickety Bridge Pinotage wine barrels to sit and age with some wild yeast and bacteria. As the beer aged in barrels, the yeast was reacting to the wood and beer creating a complex mixture of aroma and flavor.

It smells fruity with a Belgian funk that comes typically in Belgian sour ales.  It is medium bodied with a good mouthfeel.  You will get big flavors of malt, sour and pear like notes, and the brett horsey, hay barnyard funk.

We used our house Saison yeast and yeast from the barrels that cleans the beer of oxygen and naturally creates CO2.

The name, Fruition, comes from the amount of time and labor of love we have put in to create this beer.  At 9.4% ABV this is a fun beer that you are sure to enjoy and want more of.