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Fruition Sour Ale

2023 US Open Beer Championship

GOLD Medal WinnerBarrel-Aged Sour Beer


Six-plus years ago, our brewers stashed away a batch of our GABF Silver-winning No. 4 Saison in Rickety Bridge Pinotage French Oak barrels. While in oak, our brewers introduced the beer to an array of wild yeasts and bacteria. Over time, the Saison reacted to the wild yeasts and oak and evolved into our complex and unique Imperial Sour Ale: Fruition.

Fruition pours a dark golden hue with a lingering porcelain foam. Fruity and funky Lambic-style aromas on the nose set the stage for a medium-bodied mouthfeel and an effervescent carbonation. The beer unveils itself slowly through layers of flavor including honey, pear, hay, and farmhouse funk. Rickety Bridge's Pinotage barrels introduce notes of red wine tannins, vanilla, and a dry woody spice. Fruition finishes dry with balanced acidity and lingering fruitiness. 

The name Fruition comes from the massive amount of time, labor, and love used to create this beer.  At 9.4% ABV, Fruition is the perfect brew for celebrations and special occasions. Patience is a virtue.

Available on draft and in 500ml bottles for a limited time.

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