Great American Beer Festival Medals

2016-Very Small Brewing Company of the Year, Very Small Brewer of the Year

Gold-American Light Lager, Silver-Dry Hopped Saison and Saison.

2018-Silver-Dry Hopped Saison


Covid-19 Guidelines

• We will have very limited seating inside and seats will continue to be available outside.

• We are back to normal operating hours.
• Tables will be spread out all over patio at a safe distance.

• We encourage you to bring your own lawn chairs if you aren't comfortable distancing yourself at tables.
• Bar tenders will be wearing masks and gloves to protect themselves and customers.
• No flights or samples.
• Please ask bartenders for water or to use restrooms.
• We will be serving everything in plastic cups.
• We ask that you continue to practice social distancing while enjoying your beverages.
• Please follow directional signs in regards to ordering.
• Be smart and safe so everyone can enjoy their experience out.



What's On Tap

No. 10

2016 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal Winning American Light Lager

A classic American style light Lager with a crisp, dry finish. It is malty and grainy with a light mouthfeel.


ABV: 3.6% // IBU: 14 // SRM: 3.3

No. 14


American style Indie Pale Ale, very hop forward with notes of tangerine, citrus, floral, and tropical tones. It is medium bodied with a balanced bitter finish.

ABV: 6.7% IBU: Medium

No. 49

Tart Cherry 

Farmhouse Ale

We added tart cherries and black currants giving this Farmhouse Ale a beautiful red color. These fruits also add nice tart and fruity flavors. Fermented with our Saison yeast at high temperatures, which reveals fruity and spicy esters. Light to medium body with light hop aromas. Finishes dry with a satisfying balance between its bitterness and sweet malt.

ABV: 9.7% IBU: Low

No. 59

German Bock

Our German Bock is a traditional lager brewed with caramel, toffee, and chocolate. It is smooth and creamy with a malty, well balanced finish.

ABV: 6.9% IBU: Low

No. 69

Raspberry Wheat

Our house wheat beer is a summertime favorite. Brewed with a combination of wheat and oats, it is made with over 200lbs of raspberry puree. The smooth and fruit drinkability make this is the perfect warm weather beer.

ABV: 5% IBU: Low

No. 6

Belgian Honey Blonde

Our Belgian Honey Blonde is brewed with Orange Blossom Honey, giving it a smooth light taste. It is deep golden in color. With notes of sweet orange peel, honeysuckle flower, and chamomile.⁠

No. 93

CoCoNut Summer


One of our Summer seasonal dark beers, it's brewed with a variety of crystal, chocolate, and other dark malts. Dried coconut flakes and purely organic cacao bring out a medley of tropical fruit, dark chocolate and roasty flavors.

ABV: 5% IBU: Medium



Traditional style Belgian Saison. Straw colored with a thick white head. An aroma filled with eatery, and Belgian funk notes. Malty with a dry finish, it is the epitome of one of the most classic beer styles of Belgium.

ABV: 7.1%

Azacca Hopped Lager

American style lager dry hopped with Azacca hops. Big tropical fruit character with a crisp and clean finish 

ABV: 5.2%

Low Cal

Hazy IPA

100% dry hopped with motueka, a New Zealand hop. Aroma and flavors are topical and fruity. Low calories and low ABV!

ABV: 4.5%


Brown Truck Brewery is a nationally recognized award-winning brewery dedicated to unlocking big flavor, quality, and freshness from the first grain to the last gulp. This is beer for all walks of life.


Monday 7/6

$4 CoCoNut Summer Stout

Tuesday 7/7

Bad Ass Run Club-6:15pm

$3 Pint Night

Wednesday 7/8

1/2 Off Wine

Thursday 7/9

Open 4pm-10pm

Friday 7/10

Live Music from Tyler Millard-7pm-10pm

Que Viva Grill Food Truck

Saturday 7/11

Open 12pm-11pm

Sunday 7/12

Open 12pm-7pm


Where To Purchase Brown Truck Beer


1234 North Main St.

High Point, NC 27262

Tap Room Phone Number

(336) 886-1234









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